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About CL Preschool

The goals of Christ Lutheran Preschool are to:
  • Help children to come to know Jesus as their personal Savior.
  • Help children feel good about themselves and learn self help skills.
  • Help children to become aware of others as they develop relationships with peers as well as adults.
  • Help children to gain a sense of accomplishment from their growth in language and vocabulary skills, their ability to listen and follow directions, through fine and gross motor skills, through increased cognitive thinking skills and from the ability to make decisions.
  • Broaden children’s learning experience in the six areas of development: spiritual, mental, social, emotional, creative and physical.


Preschool Staff



Tammy Ruano- Director and  Four year old teacher. Miss Tammy has been here since 2002. She enjoys singing and watching children learn and grow. 


Jay Thompson -  Four year old teacher, Miss Jay has been with Christ Lutheran for over 15 years, although she did take some time off to have children of her own but she is back and ready to teach! 


Andrea Wilkerson- 3 year old teacher, Miss Andrea, a Christ Lutheran graduate herself. She started out at our closing teacher and now the 3 year old "Sunshine" teacher. Her love for painting and creativeness is always a joy to have around. 


Megan Sauders- Closing teacher: You will see Megan in the afternoon, as she is our closing teacher. Miss Megan brings her love of art and building things to our preschool.