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Daily Schedule

Due to COVID hours may temporarily change. 


7:00-9:15-Self- directed activities


9:15- 9:30-Morning  group time (calendar, story), music and movement




9:45-10:00-Restroom and hand washing


10:00-11:15 -Outdoor Centers/Small group rotation


11:30- 11:45-Praise songs and Bible story


11:45-12:15-Lunch/Library time


12:15-12:45-Outside play time


12:45-1:00-Bathroom time/ bed making time


1:00-2:00-Rest time


2:00-3:00-Quiet activities


3:00-3:15-Wake up and clean up


3:15-3:30-Story and games




3:45-5:00-Outside play time


5:00-6:00-Inside play time